September 13, 2011

Blessed because I will do everything it takes.

Blessed because the man who asked me to marry him won’t give up.

Blessed because I will have a baby …. and more babies.

Tuesday trends. Ha.

Turns out, I don’t have (or experience the symptoms of) PCOS. That is a relief. I’ve known this since June. I mean, nothing official, but because I’m not overweight (although have been struggling with my weight), I don’t have facial hair, I don’t possess other manly features, etc., my doctor assured me that I don’t have this condition. My hormone levels are just wacky-licious.

Husband and I amped up our healthiness. Everything available in organic at the grocery store (and on my list of groceries), I have purchased. Now I ain’t goin’ granola on ya’ll, but the last thing I (we) need are crazy, synthetic hormones in my (our) diet(s). Although I have always exercised, I decided to train (and plan to run) for my first marathon—marathon before baby. Symbolic?

The point is, I’ve taken on this challenge and found it the perfect opportunity to naturally regulate “things” the best I can. Hey, my last cycle was 28 days exactly. Improvement. I’m probably not ovulating still, but my cycle is reacting to the Provera treatment my doctor suggested pre-Clomid.

Clomid is my homegirl. She will help me ovulate. I might even get a two-fer—twinsies! I doubt it, but it’s kind of a cute thought. Can you imagine? Another pair o’ redheads!

Husband and I decided to wait on treatment, because we are strategic like that. Since we essentially have to plan and give it 110% during our conception journey, we decided to hold off until: Post Bar Exam (minus) 40 weeks = October-ish conception date. Basically, the father of my future child wants to enjoy the birth of Baby and have da Bar done and over with. We are going to the doctor two days before my birthday to get our hands on that Clomid prescription! Then I will run a marathon eight days later! All the while, Project Petit[e] will be underway.

The day that test is positive … will be the happiest. The Best.


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