Plan of Action

When we signed up for the six-cycle refund plan, not only did I–or do I–think it would take six cycles, but I also didn’t really think it’d take three. Well–four–since cycle three is currently failing.

Like, right now.

I still feel symptoms of HCG while my body is trying to have a period. Great. 

This failure has hit me pretty hard. It feels like I truly lost something I almost had. I’m the type of person who just wants to get to the finish line as soon as possible. I want to keep going right away. But–my heart just can’t do it. I doubt my doctor will let me do it. One fresh cycle, one frozen cycle, and another fresh cycle in six months is about as much as I can take right now.

When we were finally able to do IVF, I kind of thought the procedure would do the work for me. I’d read women’s blogs, spoken to friends, etc. and set expectations for my own cycle. Expectations for my eggs. Little did I know, my egg quality is actually kind of poor. I was expecting high fertilization rates and to be able to freeze, like, four embryos. That’s not really how things have turned out, obviously.

Bleh, I’m rambling. (I also feel self-conscious because this is one of my first journal entries that will be published live.)

Anyway, our plan is to put my eggs through boot camp for the next 90 days. I have read that the “lifecycle” or development period for eggs is about 90 days. That amount of time before a next stim cycle feels like forever, but I need to be patient. 

My plan right now is to implement low carb (low pasta, breads, etc.) and high lean protein eating habits. I will also strive to stay away from sugar (NOT going to be easy). I won’t drink any caffeine, which should be easy because I kind of ditched caffeine all together in February (minus one caramel macchiato, maybe three Cokes, and one energy drink). I will also ditch the alcohol all together. Along with my improved eating habits, I am thinking about ditching running for exercise (boo), or running much less. I don’t know yet. I will walk and do fertility yoga. I’m going to buy a fertility massage DVD and give myself massages. I’ve been going to acupuncture for about a month now and will continue with that. Also, I plan to take my prenatals (duh), CoQ10, L-arginine, Royal Jelly, FertiliGreens, and Maca.

So, I need your thoughts and advice? Have any of you ever implemented a lifestyle to improve your fertility? Has it worked? Do you think it can work?

I certainly hope so. I obviously need to talk to my doctor about all of this, but I think I will have my July, August, and September periods and start birth control early in September through mid to late September. If I start all of this tomorrow, my 90th day is September 28. Do any of you know if the 90 day egg quality “thing” can include the birth control/suppression phase of the IVF cycle? I don’t really know. I think the goal is to complete the 90 days before the stim cycle starts, but maybe that’s a question for my doctor if he thinks I should do all of this at all.


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