October 20, 2011

The healthier I feel upon arising for the day, the better my daily journey with Clomid is. Today is not too bad.

Last night I sobbed pretty good in my husband’s arms. Hormones? Probably—along with the emotions involved with this crazy adventure. My husband’s logic surprisingly makes me feel better. I am grateful that my hormone-induced emotions are “sad” versus “irritable.” Crying and carrying on and allowing my husband to comfort me and build up my spirits is way better than being irritable and grumpy and mean and argumentative. I am also grateful that I am getting the hang of this Clomid stuff! I know what to expect for five days in a row, and when the cycle is over I can enjoy my days heartburn-, dizzy-, emotion-free! But I am most grateful that such a medication exists—it gives me a chance!

I ran six miles today—my first run back after the marathon! My legs were tight! My quads and hamstrings felt like a jumbled up ball of tightness. I see foam roller sessions in my near future. Got to gear up for the 10k on the 29th! Maybe I’ll be running with a baby in my belly ;-]

Bib for da baby!


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