January 11, 2012 Part 2

Second post for the day. Thoughts as I travel to and from the ladies’ room. The most liberating thoughts, bien sur.

A circle of prayer requests followed by prayer for those whom you know and care about can turn a personal situation into one of insignificance—in a good way. Last week, I came to this realization. The first day back to work in the new year, and my friends/work family are asking for healing—healing for those whose conditions can lead to death. I have asked for prayer for my “unspoken requests.” I have pleaded with God. I pray every night. This is my struggle—sometimes it feels like my struggle of a lifetime. As these prayer requests of my friends/coworkers are offered, I hear God say to me, “See, Allison? There will always be struggle. Do you really think this is the only time you will suffer?” WOW. Heavenly Father: Thanks for the heads up. No, in fact, I am aware this will not be the only time during my life that I will struggle. But do I really know that? “Allison, don’t you remember when you were 15 years old? Don’t you remember seeking after My truth; pleading with Me; asking Me to take away your pain? Don’t you remember where you were? Don’t you remember when you wanted to die? I was there. I heard you. I made you strong. I put people—a person (your husband)—in your life who will be there to help you. And he will love you always; I knew—I’ve always known—you needed him. I created him for you and you for him. But, wasn’t that the worst time in your life?”

There will always, always, always be struggle. Always will there be: stress, disappointment, unmet expectations, anxiety, sadness, seasons of sadness and happiness. As cliché as it sounds, among the struggle, it’s important to find joy in between the lines of the story of the struggle. What are the highlights of the day? Of this phase of life? What are the blessings? Count the blessings.


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