Not Whole, But Better

I asked my husband last week (Sunday or Monday), “Will it get better? Will the pain go away?”

He said, “Yes.”

I knew he was right. I mean, there’s always that heartache—that hole. But the brokenness?

I just wanted that to go away as soon as possible.

Well, it is better. In the midst of the toughest battle I’ve ever fought, the Lord still brings peace. It’s not fixed; it’s not perfect; but at least there’s a temporary sense of contentment.

Do you ever feel like you’re gearing yourself up for heartache? Like, “Okay, the embryos have been transferred. T minus two weeks until I crumble from a broken heart.”

But—that won’t happen next time. “I mean, obviously,” she sarcastically says to herself.

I’m thankful for peace today and praying it over my soon-to-be mommy friends.

3 thoughts on “Not Whole, But Better

  1. Hi! Saw your comment on Aubrey’s post, and then got your comments on my posts, so I wanted to come say “hi” and “nice to meet you” 🙂 I hate that a community/network even has to exist for people who are struggling with infertility, but it sure has allowed me to find a lot of great people along the way – consider me a new follower who will be rooting for you!

    • Nice to meet you too, Allison! It definitely sucks we all have to meet under these circumstances, but this is not the kind of battle a girl should fight alone, so thank God for my new friends. 🙂

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