January 20, 2012

Considering the stressful, disheartening circumstances at hand—that was awesome.

Everyone was nice. Everyone was punctual. Everyone was thorough. That appointment went a lot better than it could have. Wow. My anxiety has plummeted.

I was anxious before my appointment. I think my husband was, too. Afterward, though, the tension between us was lifted.

Next steps:

We will continue in our efforts to get pregnant this month. If that doesn’t happen, though, I will get blood tests done of my FSH and LH hormone levels early on in my cycle. And—Chris will get … checked, too. Ha! Have fun with that, hubby!

I think I’m getting my thyroid checked, too …? Anyway, She’ll review my records from the OB-GYN and—obviously—the new tests I have done next month.

Not much to it. And I will go on prenatal vitamins—which is kind of saddening, exciting, surreal.

… only the chewables, though. Mama can’t swallow those pills.


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