It’ll Happen When You Least Expect It

… losing those few extra pounds, that is.

After college I gained a lot of weight. I went through my party phase after graduation in a new, exciting city. I was CONVINCED the weight gain was due to my antidepressant medication. Nope, pretty sure it was the bad eating habits and massive amounts of alcohol … with a decline in my running mileage. Obviously weight gain would happen, right?

Well, I lost most of this weight before and shortly after my wedding. But I spent about three years trying to lose all of the weight. I’ve gone on way too extreme diets, ran my ass off … fallen of the wagon, hopped on again. Some healthy lifestyle changes had stuck but others not so much. I was convinced my body had found its “new” weight, and I was beginning to accept that. And my BMI was normal, so there was no encouragement from my doctor to lose weight or anything. Plus, I had other things to worry about like … getting pregnant … or whatever.

Well since I have exercised a whopping four times since the beginning of June (due to my last IVF cycle), I decided to weigh myself last Friday. I was curious, but I could tell by the way my clothes have been fitting that there was nothing to panic about anyway. And, trust me, the last thing I really care about is my weight. But, I hopped on the scale, and what do you know … I saw those pre-party phase numbers again.


I have lost six pounds in, like, a month. That may not sound like a lot, but when you’re 5’0” that is a good amount of weight.

I don’t exercise, but I’m not starving myself. I am very well-fed, and I usually always have my generous serving of Nutella (with a banana) everyday. (What? I can’t help myself.) It is amazing what this diet can do to the body. It is amazing the level of motivation I have to eat this way; all of it is for my egg quality and nothing more. I don’t even allow myself to “cheat” as a reward (chocolate just doesn’t count), because I don’t see those foods as rewards anymore. I think about what’s best for my eggs, and the desire to order a pizza on Saturday night just goes away.

Now, of course, I don’t want to lose too much weight. I’m not even trying to lose weight at all. I know this is not the time to be stressing or worrying about weight or going on some crazy crash diet. But, it’s just falling off.

I hope this is a good indication of changes to my health. I hope that all of this work I’m putting in will result in a wonderful first-day fertilization report in September/October.

Oh, I pray, I pray, I pray …

One thought on “It’ll Happen When You Least Expect It

  1. This is sad, but I weighed the least I have in years after my miscarriage last summer – my sister joked that it’s because I was on the “depression diet” (I realize that’s not really “funny,” but that’s our weird sense of humor)! Of course I hated being sad and I wasn’t trying to lose the weight, but I did kind of appreciate that it helped me get to my optimal fertility weight. Anyway, yes, hopefully this is a good indication of changes in your health! 🙂

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