July 26, 2012

That’s right, people. It’s July 26th—meaning the Bar Exam is OVER, O-V-E-R, DONE. Wow, thank God. There is a sense of joy in my spirit; I can’t even imagine how my husband feels.

I am ever so grateful that the past 12 weeks went by sooo fast! I mean, it’s daunting when you anticipate something for sooo long, when you schedule your life—a year in advance—around something this important. Wow, it’s over. Finally!

So much has happened within the last week! Gosh, in life, everything happens all at once. I guess you just have to keep on truckin’!

A little over a month ago, the reality of the cost of IVF really set in. My husband and I made the very spontaneous decision to pursue a settled life in Washington D.C. And we didn’t make this decision solely based on the desire to make mass amounts of cash and throw money at IVF like it’s nobody’s business. The truth is, though, there is just more opportunity in D.C. So about five weeks ago, my husband’s job search (the little of a search he was able to do while studying for the Bar) shifted toward D.C. And I, as much as I love job hunting [Enter sarcasm.] began my job search. I was a crazy woman applying to job after job after job. And—it paid off! The first interview was bad, but the second interview was fantastic. I’m pretty sure I have the job. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from the recruiter. And let me tell you, “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe,” never rang more true than now. Please don’t forget about me! Please call me! Please, please love me!

Also … massive news: We did an IUI on Saturday! Whoa, I keep telling myself not to get too excited, not to think about it too much. We weren’t going to waste our time with an IUI because our fertility clinic was not taking very good care of us and we literally thought an IUI was a waste or our time and money given our individual [in]fertile circumstances. Well, I was wrong. I took the Femera on days three through seven of my cycle, which started just barely in time for us to be able to do the IUI before my husband had to leave for the Bar Exam. I started my period on a Monday; on day 15 he was going to drive to Roanoke. I usually don’t ovulate, when I do, until day 17. But if we were going to do it, God provided just enough time, given I could ovulate by day 15. Well, wouldn’t you know: Not only was the medication harmless, but I had an ultrasound done on day 12, and there were two beautiful eggies ready to be fertilized. This was the Friday before the Bar Exam, so three days before my husband left. The doctor said everything looked good (viable eggs and a thick uterine lining), so she scheduled us for the IUI the next day! So day 13 rolled around, and, as you can imagine, both my husband and I were very anxious. He was a whole other level of anxiety, though, because … ummm … the Bar Exam was in THREE DAYS! So … he was worried that his sample wouldn’t suffice. I sat there in the lobby, surrounded by about four couples, holding his boys [and girls, I guess] in a test tube after they were washed. Awkward. And I wasn’t even sure this thing would happen, because my husband was really concerned. Well, the doctor explained to me that typically “they” strive to inseminate about 10 million sperm into the uterus. Well, ladies and gentlemen, after the wash, there were plenty more to be inseminated. He placed close to 20 million sperm into my uterus. And, although we weren’t instructed to have scheduled intercourse to bring in reinforcements, we took it upon ourselves to do so the next morning. 🙂 So, there were (or still are) millions of sperm swimming around my girlie parts! We are praying this results in pregnancy, but the chances are fairly slim. We are trying to stay grounded while we wait.

So, the Bar Exam, IUI #1 and two job interviews for me. Wow, what a week it has been!

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