October 19, 2012 Part 2

***July 22, 2013: I feel self-conscious sharing my running log with you. Although I can’t control what you think of me, I don’t want to give off the wrong impression. I just really love running, and I like talking about it. I like sharing my passion with other people and encouraging whomever wants to run to get out there and run! Frankly, this is my blog and space to talk about it; I am not trying to brag. I can’t STAND it when annoying runners brag … I just can’t stand bragging in general. 

I used to have a running journal, and it was neat to look back on all the runs I completed for that year—which happened to be the year 2007. I think I might start doing that again—keeping a journal of my runs/workouts. And—this is the perfect place to do that.

So, I run and I do weight/resistance training (whatever you want to call it). I love home workout DVDs. They are just convenient, and I can focus on working hard (instead of trying to figure out how to do something) when the instructor is in front of me telling me exactly what to do. Right now, I am working out with Pauline Nordin and the Butt Bible! My husband is thrilled! Haha! Now, it sounds like all this fitness DVD focuses on is the butt. 1. A nice butt is a great thing to have, but 2. While the lower body works the rump a lot (as well as the thighs and hamstrings and hips, etc.), the upper body work out is amazing for the arms and shoulders and back and belly. I’m looking forward to—hopefully—seeing results!

That said, I have little to journal about concerning my Butt Bible work out. So, I will journal about my runs.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ran about 6-6.5 miles. Did a progression run on the treadmill. Temperature inside was a bit warm but didn’t negatively affect my run (except my headphones kept falling out due to sweating).

2 minutes at 10-minute mile pace

8 minutes at 10-minute mile pace (1.0 hill)

10 minutes at 9:30-minute mile pace (1.0 hill)

10 minutes at 9-minute mile pace (1.0 hill)

15 minutes at 8:30-minute mile pace (1.0 hill)

10 minutes at 9:30-minute mile pace (1.0 hill)

2 minutes at 8-minute mile pace (1 minute at 3.0 hill; 1 minute at 5.0 hill)

3 minutes at 10-minute mile pace

It was a great run. Had been focusing on longer, easy-pace runs lately. Want to focus on getting a bit faster now. Happy to have held 8:30 pace for 15 minutes when my initial goal was 10.

Most importantly, a really good effort (and lots of sweat).


2 thoughts on “October 19, 2012 Part 2

  1. Amanda, you’re not alone! Sometimes I truly believe walking would get me to where I need to be wayyyy quicker than plopping along, haha. I’m just too dang stubborn.

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