October 23, 2012

Now that I’m mentally prepared to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at my home with husband and Sarabi, I am getting excited for all the preparations. I think it will be fun and empowering to set the pace in our home for the holidays! I just wish my husband gave me a budget so I know how far to go … I have some great ideas! Nothing too expensive. Okay, honestly I just have some really great gift ideas! And by some, I mean—like—four. Those don’t include Sarabi’s or stocking stuffers. I know, I know—that’s too many. I just need a budget.

And—concerning, infertility (ßbaby steps; no pun intended), I’m feeling better again; better than I did on Thursday-Friday of last week. Ha! That post about wanting things to start even sooner? Yea, we got road-blocked again, so I would be ecstatic if things did get started in January. Ah, perspective is such a b****.

Anyway, I’ll probably have to receive treatment for my fallopian tubes. That’s a good thing. IT’S ACTUALLY PROGRESSIVE. GOOD THING DR. IDIOT DIDN’T GET THEM TESTED, BECAUSE—OBVIOUSLY—NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THEM. WRONG! IDIOT.

No, but really: I don’t want toxic fluid spilling into my baby’s environment. I just don’t see that li’l scenario ending well.

What’s interesting is that I think I ovulated this month! I mean—you could have fooled me. Not! I totally felt ovulation pain (like I have been for the past few months); I just didn’t know I ovulated, but my day 3 tests prove it. So, I ovulated and my tubes are open and we have a great swim team. Could this be the month?

Hope never dies.

But it will if I have to get my fallopian tubes removed. Because then our chances are—for reals—nada. Like, you just can’t conceive naturally without tubes. It just ain’t gonna happen. Plus I’d feel like an ol’ lady who has declared it’s time to remove the fallopian tubes. NO! I WANT BABIES!

But—will I get them removed because they’re—essentially—counterproductive? It’s just a weird thought.

I want my new puppy. Now.

I want a baby now, too, but well—yea.

Yesterday’s run went really well, too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

2.5 minutes at 10 minute pace

8 minutes at 10 minute pace w. 1.0 hill

10 minutes at 9:30 pace w. 1.0 hill

10 minutes at 9:00 pace w. 1.0 hill

20 minutes at 8:30 pace w. 1.0 hill

5 minutes at 9:30 pace w. 1.0 hill

1 minute at 8 minute pace w. 3.0 hill

1 minute at 8 minute pace w. 5.0 hill

2.5 minutes at 10 minute pace

Love. It.


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