The Talk of the Town

My friend did IVF cycle #1, which yielded only one blastocyst but no pregnancy.

During the same time as my first IVF cycle, she did IVF cycle #2. Again, this yielded one blastocyst but no pregnancy.

She was going to give up but heard the wonderful news that her friend got pregnant on her SIXTH IVF cycle. Finally, right? Her friend did this “different” protocol that apparently yielded less eggs but of much better quality.

After deciding to go for IVF cycle #3, my friend stepped on the breaks when her doctor presented the same protocol as the first and second cycles.

“What about this protocol?” She asked her doctor if she could do the one her friend was successful with … on cycle #6. Her doctor said yes.

Today, my friend is on the other side with a baby in her belly and four on ice. 🙂


I thought is was brand, brand new. Not so much! It’s been done before, and from what I’ve heard, it works like a charm. I’m so much more encouraged now!

I don’t have my official protocol yet, but the basic idea is this: I start stim meds before my period (tomorrow), get my period, then do stim meds again, followed by the retrieval, yada yada yada. I don’t have a “quiet” phase with birth control or Lupron or whatever, which is kind of weird. I just hope this works.

I’ll find out more tomorrow. Thanks for caring!

P.S. What does ICLW stand for?


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