If Only I Could Ovulate

I just want to be a big girl who ovulates. Knowing that I don’t, or didn’t, ovulate kind of grosses me out. I don’t know if “grosses” is the right word, but I feel so … adolescent having not ovulated. And it’s not that adolescence is a bad thing; it’s just not motherly. I have this vision of Mama Bear, but my not ovulating flushes that vision down the toilet. Am I making any sense?

Bye bye protocol. 😦 Part of the deal is that I needed to ovulate. But, as stressed above, I did not.

A few of you asked about this protocol!

First: There was a bit of a misunderstanding between my friend and me. She did not have this protocol. She sent me her protocol last night; it involved birth control and Lupron; the usual Gonal-f and Menopur; Ganirelix; and an HCG trigger. Ask your doctors about it if you’re interested.

So, I was supposed to start Gonal-f tonight (day 25 of cycle) and continue tomorrow and Friday, then wait for my period. So, it’s strange that I would take Gonal-f at the end of my cycle, right? I guess there is a belief—rather a known fact—that the follicles on day 3 are the “batch” we get for ovulation (obviously); for IVFers (and IUIers, etc.) our day 3 follicles are the “best” to stimulate in preparation for an egg retrieval, insemination, etc. Well my kind-of-new-doctor’s fellow who’s responsible for my cycle explained to me that follicles come and go in waves, and maybe a different “wave” of follicles (i.e. the ones in my ovaries right now, on day 25) is good too! So, with what would have been the injections of Gonal-f tonight, tomorrow and Friday, we were going to grow my current follicles, then continue to grow them starting on day 3 of my next cycle (next week), which would be the “traditional” 10- to 12-day stimulation cycle. But since I didn’t ovulate, my new-ish doctor (My doctor is teaming up with his old instructor (who’s quite the experienced infertility specialist) for this cycle.)  is reviewing my labs and contemplating a plan going forward. The good news is that my doctor still wants me to bring my Gonal-f with me to Colorado next week (visiting family) in case he wants me to start. Obviously I don’t want to rush and, therefore, compromise my next cycle, but if starting stims sooner rather than later is part of his well thought out plan, I’m super happy with that.

The good news about bad news is that it warrants a yummy treat, right? I enjoyed some lovely Peanut M&Ms and have already warned my husband that broccoli and a spinach salad for dinner just won’t do tonight.

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