November 7, 2012

I completely forgot what I ran on Monday.


3 minutes at 10 miles

10 minutes at 9:30 miles

10 minutes at 9 miles

10 minutes at 8:30 miles

10 minutes at 8 miles

5 minutes at 9:30 miles

5 minutes at 9 miles

2 minutes at 8:30 miles

2 minutes at 8 miles

3 minutes at 10 miles

I feel like organic fruit tastes better.

My hubby and I went to the fertility doc last Thursday. Again, it was a great appointment. We are pretty much all set, so I’ll call my nurse on Day 1 of my cycle the month we decide to start treatment—probably January. Hopefully January. We need to get our finances in order, find out how much help we can get from our clinic, apply for the loan, save up, etc.

In terms of my fallopian tubes, I don’t need treatment—right now. They are open, so all things—including all offending fluids—don’t seem to spill back into my uterus but probably into my abdomen. If—when I start medication—my tubes flare up and swell to a close, I will probably have to get them removed while my embabies are freezing. Obviously, I’m praying my tubes behave so I don’t have to get them removed. At any rate, my tubes aren’t slowing down treatment at this point. They might end up being an issue, but it won’t stop everything before it starts—which is what I’m most afraid of and what has been the “story of my [fertility] life.”

A few months ago IVF just wasn’t an option for us. Now it is [thank God]. It’s not the ideal option; it’s expensive. But now it’s do-able. I was stuck in the hell of … being stuck for sooo long.

Now, I am finally where I’ve wanted to be for so long. Well, not including the baby, of course. So much had to happen before this—so much that we’d been anticipating for sooo long.

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