They’re kicking my butt a little bit.

I am entirely too bloated. I didn’t go to the bathroom at all yesterday. 😦 I mean I went to that bathroom, just not THAT bathroom. My pants are a little tighter than they had been. I’m just freaking bloated. Oh well.

Today is day 8 of Provera. I took 75 IUs Gonal-f last night and Sunday night (days 6 and 7 of Provera). Tonight I’ll take my last dose of Gonal-f during this luteal phase. My last Provera is on Thursday, and then we wait for day 1.

Sooo … that’s the update regarding my meds and where I am in my cycle. My nurse and I anticipate my period to arrive on Saturday. Sounds about right.

I don’t know what’s making me feel so slow and bloated and tired. I did go to Colorado last weekend (Thursday to Sunday). After my first night of sleep there (super good sleep), I felt back to normal regarding the altitude. I did feel/look bloated there too. Do you think that was because of the altitude or Provera? I don’t know.

Then … yesterday morning I could NOT get out of bed. I’m that annoying person who SPRINGS out of bed once I make the decision to start my day. I don’t feel groggy or “need time to wake up.” Yesterday morning? So not the case. I was exhausted. I remember that happening last stim cycle too. A couple of days into the meds, I was wiped out. And … hot dang, my Gonal-f injection hurt so bad last night. It just felt like my tummy was telling my husband, “Grrr … Quit messing with me. I’m bloated and sensitive and pissed off.” For a milli-second I was worried about hyper stim. My husband basically told me that sometimes I’m really dumb. Hahahaha! I’m not hyper stimming, obviously, just because of a little uncomfortable bloating.

I was talking to my mom this weekend about menstrual cycles. She’s been asking me a lot about my cycles and feeling like she could have done something “back then” had she known I was kind of irregular. She was a little bit shocked to learn that I felt a whole lot of “nothing” throughout my cycle. It was always very quiet. She explained to me that she always knew where she was in her cycle … that the last two weeks were killer due to bloating and all that nonsense. She sang praises to Jesus when her period arrived because it provided some relief. Geez, it’s just never been that serious for me.

But now? Oh, there’s some serious bloating action going on.

You know what, though? Something is working. Something is different. And if my normal = no ovulation, no luteal phase, no pregnancy, then bring on the bloat!

I’m praying that these follicles are rock stars and will grow beautiful eggies. 🙂


One thought on “Hormones

  1. Provera is a nasty little drug. My doctor always says, “no one ever writes me a thank you note for provera”. So right! Hoping the bloating goes away soon! Sometimes bloating gives me a little constipation too. No fun.

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