January 7, 2013

Is it that I want to remain relevant?

My first IVF cycle was interrupted—obviously.

We’ve pushed the reset button, as my last ultrasound tech called it.

I think I start Lupron on Thursday. The birth control didn’t quite work. I had a stubborn cyst that wouldn’t go away, so I took Ovidrel last Wednesday to get rid of that hot mess.

Oh f***. All I ever do is wait.

Any who, I take Lupron for about nine days, followed by all the injections for about 11 or 12 days.

You see, I don’t actually know what the important dates are because my nurse HASN’T SENT ME MY REVISED PROTOCOL EVEN THOUGH SHE SAID SHE WOULD ON FRIDAY.

But—I keep asking myself, “What the hell is a series of dates on a piece of paper going to do?” Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Once upon a time, there was another piece of paper with a series of dates on it. You know what one of the dates was? January 6! As in, if my body wasn’t the biggest piece of sh** ever, I’d have had my egg retrieval YESTERDAY.

This sucks. I thought this would be the easy, simple part. I just want these damn eggs outside of me.

A protocol would be nice, too.

But from memory, I think this is how it goes: Jan. 10-Jan. 17 Lupron; Jan. 18 post Lupron evaluation; Jan. 18-27 injections; Jan. 28 egg retrieval; Feb. 3-4 transfer.


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