January 22, 2013

Wow, Emergen-C is all it’s cracked up to be. Too bad I drank it about seven hours ago … The aches have returned!

I never get sick, and this sickness crept up on me like a TIGER!

All the while, I don’t feel a thing in my ovaries. At least they’re not over stimulated.

Today is Day 5. I’m kind of happy …? I guess I’m just content we’re finally doing this! In about a week I will have my retrieval. So far there are 15 follicles they can see via ultrasound! Everything seems to be going well. It’s weird: I have no desire to work out, and I’m okay with that. My last work out was on Saturday, and then I started feeling under the weather. So, I’m kind of sick, and that’s a decent excuse. I can’t believe I’ll have an embryo in my uterus in two weeks.


Speaking of tiger, my little princess is such a joy. She’s the pink, sparkly jewel in my life. J

All I can say is that it’s weird feeling this happy and stress-free. I’m scared because I should have my guard up. I don’t know; I’m just really happy to be in this place … finally.

I think I’ll just embrace it.


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