February 5, 2013

Today is my transfer.

I am excited to hear about my blastocysts and how they’re doing.

I’m pretty much just excited for today. I guess I’m a little anxious to receive the full report of how many blastocysts I have. Other than that—I’m excited.

The next two weeks, though? Not thrilled. But, at least it’s two weeks and not years and phone calls and coordination and testing and blood work and too much money.

I know so much more about my babies than other people know about theirs. I know where my babies were conceived, and on what day. That is pretty neat.

I can’t believe I have babies on a cellular level!!!

They just need to snuggle up to my uterus.

I can’t wait to see photos of my babies.

And it’s a Tuesday!

Tuesday isn’t particularly my favorite day of the week, but it is somewhat of a lucky day for me. I was married on a Tuesday. Good things can happen on Tuesdays.

I just can’t believe that the doctor will place a little, cellular baby in my uterus today.

Oh, Heavenly Father, I pray my baby implants!

This is going to be one heck of a two-week wait.


2 thoughts on “February 5, 2013

  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I came to see what your journey was about but no recent posts 😦 Are you totally pregnant? What happened to your Tuesday day transfer? xo

    • Hi Sandra! My blog is kind of confusing, I’m sorry! I started journaling privately two years ago but am just now revealing those posts. If a post’s title is a past date, it just means that’s what I journaled on that day. If the title is something different, most likely it is a live post. Currently I am not pregnant. 😦 I have had two fresh cycles and transfers and one frozen transfer. I am starting my third stim cycle.

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