Day 3 Report and Evaluation

The embryos are doing well. My doctor is still happy with where we’re at, and this is still my best cycle, arguably.

I have seven embryos that are high grade (grade 1) and two that are middle grade (grade 3). I don’t really know what grade 1 and grade 3 mean; that’s just what he said.

They are supposed to be between 6-10 cells today.

1 embryo at 8+ cells (turning into blastocyst)

2 embryos at 8 cells

2 embryos at 7 cells

2 embryos at 6 cells

2 embryos at 5 cells

I said I am hard on myself and look at the 6- to 7-cell embryos as glass half empty. He said, nope, they are all on track. There isn’t a difference between 6- to 7- or 8-cell embryos at this point. Those top seven are high grade today.

He’s happy, I’m happy.

Okay, now I can relax for the rest of the day and look forward to hearing about my transfer time on Thursday!


Thank you for your support and prayers!

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