Ready for Tomorrow

No OHSS! Yay!

Thank you for all your suggestions. You girls are geniuses. 🙂

Luckily, after being a couch potato yesterday after work and following the how-to-avoid-OHSS diet, I felt much better going to bed. And this morning, I felt a million times better in general.

I told my nurse how I was feeling yesterday, so the doctor called me in this morning to do a quick evaluation. Though I still have some soreness going on, I was sure everything was okay to move forward tomorrow. I was nervous they’d pull the plug, though. My temperature was normal, but my blood pressure was high. They did an ultrasound and took a look at my abdomen. The doctor (not my doctor) said everything looked good to move forward. He talked about a lot of other stuff: “Pregnancy can make OHSS worse … Twins can make OHSS worse … Your history indicates you’ll transfer two embryos …” But—everything looks good. I asked him if he’d recommend his patient to move forward in this case, and he said yes. Then he and the ultrasound tech left the room to give me a few moments to chill the f*** out; they wanted to re-check my blood pressure. The medical assistant entered the room, accompanied by my Nurse Mary, who “talked me off the ledge” and got my blood pressure down … and then got it down again. Have I mentioned how much I love my nurse?

So, in short, it’s alllll good.

My poor husband, though. Apparently I was quite a piece of work last night, and had I not been going through what I’m going through, he said we would have had a come to Jesus meeting! As always, he said everything will be fine … and it is.

Thank you for your prayers!


4 thoughts on “Ready for Tomorrow

  1. Girl, OHSS is like a top nightmare… I freak out about it during IUI’s. My doctor’s are always like, “ugh, no one gets OHSS with 3 follicles and 300 E2” but I’m still checking the scale just in case!

    So glad you’re feeling better! I’ll say lots of prayers tomorrow for an excellent report and a really easy transfer! Almost there!

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