My Weekend

My weekend was decent, actually.

After our last failure, I’d come to the conclusion that we’ve spent way too many weekends sitting around and stewing in the “sit-rep” of my reproductive system, whether it was waiting for my period to start or analyzing every trip to the restroom and every discoloration.

So, this weekend we did stuff lol. Though I battled against headaches on Saturday and Sunday (story of my Lupron-filled life), it was fun.

We got our iPhone 5Cs on Friday evening, so THAT was exciting. I’d had the first iPhone, and my husband never had a super fancy phone, so we’re quite infatuated with our new toys!

On Saturday, we went to my company’s annual picnic. My goals during those events are to eat free food and say hi to the bosses. Later on we went to the iPhone store to buy cases for our phones. My husband treated me to a Cookies and Cream shake from Chick-Fil-A—weird craving for a not so warm day. It was delicious. Then we continued our viewing of the Harry Potter series with movie number six. I don’t know why we decided to watch the series, but—hey—it was fun.

Okay, my weekend isn’t sounding so exciting after all…

Onto the highlight of my weekend: On Sunday we woke up quite early and drove to Maryland to participate in the Cade Foundation’s Race for the Family, which was sponsored by my fertility clinic. It was a great event. My husband and I got our blood pumping early, running the 5k. It was pretty neat: Of all the races I’ve run, of all the causes or celebrations I’ve been part of by running a race … it was pretty special to me to run for my future family. And—I won second place in my age group! I wasn’t expecting to really “race,” but it was fun to put in a good effort and gauge my running ability after taking sooo much time off with cycle after cycle after cycle … after cycle. As we were leaving, my doctor told me congratulations for my award. I just hope he’s congratulating me reeeeally soon again for something else. :/

Have you heard of the Cade Foundation? It was founded by a woman who suffered from infertility. She and her husband went through multiple rounds of IVF until her doctor said it was time to explore other options. One of those options included using a gestational carrier. Well—her 54-year-old mother became her gestational carrier and carried her triplets. It’s a pretty neat story.

I am feeling better emotionally. I’ve always struggled with this kind of “stuff.” My mom asked me to talk to my nurse/doctor about antidepressants. I still might. Though I’m okay compared to last week, I do struggle with obsessing, worry, anxiety, depression in general and completely outside of infertility—though infertility has a way of ramping it up. I don’t want to take medications I don’t need, and it’s so tricky to know when it’s time to take them. It’s all emotional. I just have to get through it, right? Or do I really—actually—struggle? I know I do; I just don’t know what to do regarding my current TTC status (though we’re not actually trying these months because A. I don’t ovulate on my own and B. even if I did ovulate, the Lupron won’t let me). But I’m TTC in general, and do antidepressants just confuse everything? Ahhh! I’ve heard from a few of you and your personal experiences regarding this, so thank you for reaching out. Again—I’m not alone.

Other than the emotional crap, if I could figure out a way to get rid of the headaches, I’d be good. I just don’t think eight Motrin or Tylenol each day is the best idea—especially when they don’t even work. I’ve noticed that naps help a lot. And regarding that—I’m surprised I’m even able to take naps mid-day. I’m not much of a napper but have embraced siestas on the weekends ever since I got my Lupron shot. So now I just need to figure out a way to nap at work so I’m not dealing with a headache for half the day. I’ll let you know how that goes.

7 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. Oh girl, I get you with the headaches. I’m not looking forward to birth control pills AT ALL. I’m sure lupron is like 800 times worse, but I know I’ll have awful headaches on the pill. And the pill makes me CRAZY… my anxiety has never been worse than when I was on the pill. And I always feel the same way… no more tylenol I tell myself, while I question whether or not someone is drilling inside my head! Ughh! So sorry girl! How long are you on the lupron?

    • B irth control pills make me crazy, too. What I find interesting is my spirits are most high – overall – when I’m actually going through the stim cycle et al. I think the reason I literally don’t kill myself after a BFN is because there’s actually estrogen in my body. But this Lupron nonsense is driving me insane. I’m on it for 60 days. My nurse gave me the first shot on Sept. 12, so I’ll get my second shot around Oct. 12 or so. Come November, I’ll be better … but then I’ll start birth control probably lol. I imagine my doctor wants me to do the birth control routine, especially since we need to bridge the gap from November to January for my next stim. Who knows what he has up his sleeve, though.

  2. I’m really happy you did some things for YOU over the weekend, we all need that…

    Sorry about the headaches, I kinda feel your pain because I suffer from migraines which are super when I have 20 kiddos asking me to repeat the same instructions I just gave.

    Thinking about you daily, xoxo

    • It was kind of rough for about a week. I got a lot of headaches, but I feel better now. Yea I’m on Instagram! We are following each other. Basically all my photos are of my dog lol. I’ll let you know who I am on there.

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