Sunshine Award

Thank you, Aubrey, for nominating me for the Sunshine Award! Aubrey is a sweetheart, and I love reading her blog, Two Hearts and One Dream. She is going to be a wonderful mother, don’t you think?!

I’m excited to answer all of the questions!

But first, here are the Sunshine Award rules:

  1. Include the Sunshine Award icon in your post.
  2. Link to the person who nominated you.
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award.
  5. Link your nominees, and let them know they’ve been nominated.

Now, onto the questions …

1. Why do you blog, and will you continue to blog when (I’m being positive for ALL of you!!) you get pregnant/have a baby(ies)?

Well, I started writing “everything” down back in May 2011 because it was a mentally healthy way for me to express my thoughts, feelings, fears, etc. I don’t know why, but sharing my fertility struggles with others didn’t cross my mind. The thought of it made me feel too vulnerable. As time went on (unfortunately), I shared my struggles with more and more people (parents, siblings, some friends). I was too scared to give too much information away, though, so the only way I could “let it out” was writing it down. Similar to feeling vulnerable about telling people about my struggle, I was kind of scared to start an actual blog. But I read a ton of blogs and was always able to relate to so many women going through what I’m going through. And—I would read encouraging comments from others and want to be part of that community.

Infertility is such an overwhelming topic. I feel like it’s something we can talk about all. day. long. If I didn’t suffer from infertility, I’m not sure I would have a blog because I wouldn’t have much to say. With that said, I don’t know if I’ll continue blogging when I’m pregnant/after I have my baby/ies. Part of me wants to stay in touch with my friends. Part of me wants to NOT hurt their hearts by writing about my pregnancy/ies and baby/ies. I will probably continue blogging, though; at least I like to think so. I’ll just need to figure out topics to write about! Even now—while I’m not cycling—I don’t blog much since my infertility journey is currently “quiet.”

2. What do you do for work (I’m always curious to know what everyone does all day long!)?

I work for an IT government contracting company. My title is Task Supervisor. I basically help the managers in my division accomplish their tasks. I don’t have an IT background; I’m just organized.

3. What would you say is the best piece of advice for someone who is just beginning their journey in the land of infertility?

Be proactive. Start saving money. Start implementing lifestyle changes sooner rather than later. Gosh, I don’t mean to seem discouraging, but my first thought would be, “Yikes, just get ready for a crazy rollercoaster.” The unfortunate thing about infertility is that it does suck as bad as people would think. There’s really no way to deal with it besides pushing your way through it. It just sucks.

It’s hard to know who to share your story with. You want to get it off your chest, but some people say the dumbest stuff in response. I think one thing I’d tell someone new to the infertility journey is this: Connect with other women struggling. Talk to them about it. Share your thoughts, fears, feelings with them. Sometimes those closest to us just don’t understand, and it’s best to talk to those who do understand.

4. What would you say is the best piece of advice for someone who is not going through infertility, but who doesn’t know what to say to someone who is?

Here’s what fertiles should say: “I’m sorry.” I don’t need them to solve my problem with all their suggestions. There are doctors involved in getting me pregnant; fertiles’ ideas to help me solve my problem just aren’t going to cut it.

Fertiles: Be an active listener. Don’t drive the conversation with your comments. If you ask me a question, let me answer. Be responsive to what I’m sharing with you. Really, you should say very little besides “I’m sorry.” A hug is always welcome.

5. What is the item of clothing you want to buy most for this fall season?

Oh my gosh, ladies, please don’t think I’m weird. I really don’t like shopping. I mean, I want to look good and put together, but I think about fashion very rarely. I don’t even know what’s popular this fall season. I’m trying to think of pieces I’ve seen on TV, Instagram, the internet … Nothing comes to mind. I could use some camisoles to wear with my winter sweaters.

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Oh goodness. Sometimes when I’m running, very kind drivers will give me the right of way even though they have plenty of time to turn, cross, do whatever they need to do before I approach them. I know they are being thoughtful, but they literally have several seconds to “go” before I even get close. It just makes me feel rushed and drives me absolutely crazy.

7. If you won the lottery, what would be the FIRST thing you’d do?

I would pay off undergraduate school, law school, and IVF loans. Then I’d buy a home, plan some dream vacations, plan more trips home to Colorado, and save. But the first thing would be to pay off debt. Oh, that would be a glorious day to win the lottery!

8. What is your middle name?

My middle name is Emily. I think I look like an Emily, too. Sometimes I wish my first name were Emily, but Allison suits me too, I guess.

9. Where would you live if you could move to anywhere you wanted in the whole wide world?

Wow … I would live in the U.S., but I don’t know if I’ve seen enough of the U.S. to be able to make a final choice. Maybe North or South Carolina …? I love the beach and the culture that comes with it.

10. How many siblings do you have – are you the youngest, middle child, oldest or an only child?

I have three brothers—two older, one younger. Their names are Aaron, Samuel, and Simon. I’m not a tomboy at all, but when I was younger, there were times when I just needed to be in their presence after too much girl time. They centered me back to me.

Okay! My turn to nominate people:

  1. Body Shop Girl
  2. Hidden Infertility
  3. JoJo’s Infertile World
  4. Something Beautiful
  5. Eternally Hopeful
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  7. It Only Takes One
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  10. Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby

And here are my questions for you:

  1. Who is your best friend?
  2. What is your middle name?
  3. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  4. What is your signature recipe?
  5. What is your favorite holiday, and why?
  6. How many babies do you want?
  7. If you are married, what’s your engagement/proposal story?
  8. What is your dream vacation?
  9. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given your significant other?
  10. What’s your favorite type of food?

And, bonus question: Why can’t tomorrow be Friday? 😦


7 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. It is so great to connect with others on here, so I am glad that you started a blog even though it does make you become much more vulnerable. You give some good advice in this post 🙂

  2. Aww! Thank you for the nomination. I’m also the only girl an have 3 brothers. One older and two younger. I wouldn’t say I was a tomboy but it sure felt good to be Daddy’s lil girl.

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