Menopause Ends November 8

For someone who is always “freezing,”—okay, that’s an exaggeration—feeling my core heat up like a stove top and sweating while lounging on the couch is pretty odd and unfamiliar.

I’m looking forward to my normal self: putting my heater on at work and not regretting it ten minutes later; cuddling up with a blanket on my couch after work; enjoying the fireplace as temperatures are quickly dropping outside.

Hot flashes aren’t the worst things ever, but I’m ready for them to hit the road.

Baseline blood work and ultrasound is scheduled for this Friday, followed by my first injections of stim cycle #4 medications.

This time we’re using HGH. I wonder if it will work.


8 thoughts on “Menopause Ends November 8

  1. Hot flashes… ugh! I had TERRIBLE hot flashes on clomid. Like every 10-15 minutes for weeks! It was terrible! I was so miserable… I imagine Lupron is worse. So sorry girl, I know this sucks! Hopeful that it will all be worth it soon! Hang in there!

  2. Yayyyy for moving on! Too bad menopause couldn’t have happened a little further into winter eh? 😉

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