There’s been a lot of sadness in our “community” lately. I wonder how some of these women are able to get out of bed. I wonder how they’re even able to write their stories for all of us to read.

I literally cannot imagine the heartache, the torture.

I just want to say, “I’m sorry.” I am so, deeply, terribly sorry that you are going through this right now. It’s okay to feel however you feel right now. You have been through hell.

Why, Jesus, why?

Today is day 5 of stims. I take Saizen in the morning and Gonal-f and Menopur at night. Things are moving along, though they are a little slow because of the two months of Depot Lupron. This is the plan, though, and a slow start was anticipated.

What’s strange is that my hot flashes have gotten WORSE! It’s like the battle of the hormones. I wonder when they will finally go away …

My next monitoring appointment is tomorrow. Yesterday my estrogen was 95; my lining was 5-ish; she counted 22 follicles; the two largest were 7-ish and 8-ish.

I don’t feel great today. I’m starting to ache a bit, but I’m happy to know I’m responding.

In the back of my mind, I was a little bit worried I wouldn’t respond. I was worried that an issue that’s never crossed my mind would confront me during this cycle: maybe a cancelled cycle. I didn’t base this off anything. It’s just been so “quiet” lately.

Responding isn’t really an issue for me, though. I don’t take for granted my follicle/egg count. Since my egg quality is so poor, quantity is really all I have.

I just hope this $675/per bottle x 3 Saizen helps … a lot.


7 thoughts on “Update

  1. Glad to hear you’re responding well… not responding is one of my biggest fears too. They keep telling me I should be worried about OHSS, and yet I’m stressing about cancelled cycles due to poor response. Ha. Creating worries for ourselves where ever we can!

    Hang in there girl! Hope the hot flashes give you a break soon!

  2. Wishing you all the best. I am the same as you, responding is not the issue it is getting the quality eggs. I am in my two week wait after transfer. We had 22 eggs only 3 (grade c) and we transferred all of them. Here’s to hoping!!

  3. GL this cycle! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Saizen. I know that Conceptions Reproductive Associates in CO uses that for patients with egg quality issues and they have some of the highest success rates in the whole country. Yay for such a good response already as far as #!

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