I was at the 2.5-mile mark this morning, and it hit me.

Her name.

I am kind of insane and have a never-ending physical checklist—as well as a mental one. Let’s get real: I couldn’t forget about the shit that needs to get done if I tried.

But sometimes I get overwhelmed. I carry my undone tasks from work home—not physically, just as a metaphorical monkey on my back. Then I have my “life over there” tasks, as well as other stuff. You know what I mean. The little tasks (even fun ones) pile up and overwhelm me. There are huge “tasks” like choosing our donor, and little tasks like what font I want my first tattoo to be.

But the list grows, and I shut down.

My run this morning couldn’t have been more necessary. Usually I force myself out the door four or five mornings each week for about 5.5 miles so I feel like I at least accomplished something for the day. The less I run, the grosser I feel. Ha! I just have to check it off my list.

I might be from Colorado, but exercise is a chore for me too. I don’t necessarily think exercise is pure fun … but it is always worth it. That’s why I keep up with it. Fun for me? Food, drink, card games, family, friends. That’s beside the point, though.

The point is that I woke up and made myself run this morning … and didn’t expect some of this “weight” to be lifted. It was a pleasant surprise.

And as I reached the top of the gradual hill, about .25 miles from my turn-around point, it just happened … and it’s so meant to be.

Her name is Mary.

This is a tribute to my Nurse Mary; it’s a beautiful, traditional, feminine, motherly name; it’s the name we’ve chosen for her.

*** Two hours later: I found Mary. Actually, my husband found Mary. She’s ours. I didn’t think it would happen this fast. She’s perfect. Every page of her profile is perfect. ***

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