My Girls: Mary and Sarabi

It’s ironic that my fur baby’s reproductive system is being removed today …

… as our match with Mary has been finalized so we can finally start utilizing my reproductive system.

My husband texted me at 4:54 p.m. on Friday. I was finishing up a few things at work when—BAM—he felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to take a quick look and text me. I remember scrolling through her profile very quickly. I knew what I was looking for, had practically memorized those profile templates. With each new page, I knew she’d go quickly, so I had to hustle.

I followed the steps to select her, received confirmation that she was mine, and my password became invalid. Next up: I quickly filled out the preliminary loan application. Thanks goodness the loan company is located in Arizona; I had a few extra hours to work with them before their workday ended. As of Friday, I have three business days to get Shady Grove their money.

This morning, after settling my Sarabi into her crate at the vet’s, I received an email confirming our selection of Mary. I was expecting this email, as they owe me a copy of her profile. But the email also informed me that all her matches are complete and I’m the secondary recipient (out of three)! Being the tertiary recipient is kind of risky because there’s a chance the cycle will get cancelled on you; each recipient is guaranteed a minimum of four mature eggs. I think I was probably the first recipient to actually choose Mary, but patients who’ve been in the donor egg program longer (i.e. cancelled or unsuccessful cycles) have status and are automatically listed as primary recipient.

So, it’s go time. Our medical teams just have to sync up all our cycles. No biggie, huh? 😉 My nurse (Pam; I lost Nurse Mary when I transitioned to the donor egg program) offered to start me on birth control pills last Tuesday—CD 5—but I really didn’t think we’d choose Mary three days later. Today is CD 11—kind of too late to get the BCP party started for this cycle. Oh well, 20 more days to go; I just feel bad holding up the other women.

Now I just need my ADP username and password to work so I can get copies of my friggin’ pay stubs to send Fertility Finance.

My sweetheart is probably snoozing away right now with her tongue hangin’ out getting her mama parts removed. I can’t wait to mommy her; “scritches” on her ears and belly. She is going to look too darn precious wearing her cone of shame. I just hope she’s not in too much pain, bless her heart.

2014-03-10 20.05.20

That dog … Dear Jesus, where would I be without that dog …


9 thoughts on “My Girls: Mary and Sarabi

  1. I hope Sarabi (beautiful name!) is recovering well! I always wonder how much animals know or feel about what we are doing to them surgically. And YAY for Mary! You must be over the moon to finally get going. I will closely follow your progress. Congratulations 🙂

  2. I am so damn excited for you! I have only read one other blog (sweet Suzanne) who used donor eggs. I’m so glad your blogging about it. For those of us who aren’t there yet but may be there one day, it’s so helpful to know what to expect! Big hugs dear friend!!

    • Jessah, it really just depends on where you go. We are in a program sharing Mary’s eggs with two other women. The cost is $30k (total except for the cost of FET meds), but we get six chances (fresh or frozen) or we get all our money back. Each recipient receives a minimum of four mature eggs. If there aren’t enough eggs, the cycle is cancelled for the third recipient, but the cycle doesn’t count against her with her six tries. There are programs similar to this for one donor, two recipients ($42k) and one donor, one recipient ($55k). There are sooo many more options too; these are just examples.

      • I like the idea of paying one fee, getting six tries, and getting my money back if it doesn’t work. This is what we did for traditional IVF. I actually withdrew from the program (yea, you don’t have to endure all six cycles) and got all my money back to help save what we’ve decided to pay out of pocket for DE.

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