The Story of My MTHFRing Life

Yesterday was not my favorite day. Loved the Valentine’s part because V Day is awesome, but, wow, the rest of it was rough.

So this Tuesday I’ll have my endoscopy. What can I say? I hope it goes well obviously. One thing to note about me: I fear that everything “wrong” with me is cancer. It’s irrational and juvenile, but welcome to my mind.

Work was particularly challenging yesterday, but in a good way. I was just exhausted after it all.

Of course I encountered my fair share of heart stings due to fertile people displaying their fine ability to reproduce via social media. Eh, what else is new, right?

Man, it was just a crappy day.

But it did end well with an evening spent at home with my Valentines. My husband and I got Indian take-out and talked until the wee hours of the morning. I love that … Just talking and connecting with him for hours.

I received my protocol on Thursday! Long story short, this cycle will be two weeks long with birth control and Lupron. My next cycle will be Mary’s stim cycle. Our embryo transfer is tentatively scheduled for the end of March. Now that’s not so bad; only about six weeks away.

9 thoughts on “The Story of My MTHFRing Life

  1. Sorry to hear you had a crappy day, but glad it had a happy ending with good Indian food and quality time with the man you love. 🙂 Wow, end of March is going to be here before you know it! So exciting!! Will be thinking of you next week for your endoscopy too Love.

  2. we could be living parellel lives, my husband had an endoscopy this week and my cycle started, which is usually very light, but I found myself saturating super tampons and I needed to break into my emergency underwear! I love how you ended up spending V-day connecting with your husband. Good luck with your endoscopy!

  3. Sorry for the bloody mess, I always worry about something like this happening…
    But yay for getting the protocol! End or March is so soon already! So will this be a fresh transfer, and that’s why all cycles are synched with Mary’s?

  4. Oh Allison. THIS just sucks. No way around it. I’m so sorry sweetie!

    It’s truely amazing what doctors are able to do. All 4 women synced. Really hope this is your time!

  5. Good luck with your endoscopy! Sending you positive vibes.
    P.S. My periods are awful too, I hope your week gets better. I love Indian food also. What dishes do you like?

  6. Those 6 weeks will come so quickly that you won’t believe your eyes that it’s finally transfer day. My clinics FET protocol is 7 weeks. So let’s hope it also flies by once AF comes around. Best of luck!

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