My Freedom Order Has Shipped

2014-02-20 15.01.13 (1)

I’m one step closer out of this hell hole thanks to Freedom Fertility Pharmacy.

And! My husband’s insurance came to the rescue. We got our meds for $160-something instead of $400-something.

Ha! I guess one good thing about donor egg cycles are the “cheap” meds for the recipient … as if $30,500 to buy Mary is easy to hand over (ahem).

The birth control pills are causing this weird brownish-red discharge? I Googled it and asked my nurse about it; apparently it’s fine/normal since I’m just starting them. I’d forgotten that the last time I was on birth control pills was May 2013. So … it has been a while.

Side note: Before my endoscopy on Tuesday (which I’ll get to), I was explaining to the nurse that my surgical history includes getting a dime removed from my esophagus at the age of five and four oocyte retrievals. She then gathered my medication information which included taking birth control, and she was hellah confused. I was like, “Yea, I’m on birth control because I’m doing IVF (duh).” I’d forgotten that makes no sense to the “lay” person. Another “funny” encounter with her was when she asked if I was pregnant. (I had to take a urine pregnancy test to be sedated; they of course couldn’t take my word for it, so I pushed a few tinkles out.) So I told her no, I’m not pregnant. She said, “Great!” a little too enthusiastically. I responded with an underwhelming, “Yea,”—as you can imagine.

Okay, back to the TTC update. I’ve begun taking Folgard and Baby Aspirin to address the MTHFR C667T homozygous mutation. If you take Folgard, guess what? I chew them. They don’t taste that bad, and it’s more convenient that chopping them into eight pieces—yes eight. And! I learned today that my homocysteine levels are normal, thank you Jesus!

So, I’m expecting CD 1 next weekend-ish; hopefully I can squeeze in my wax before the bleed.

So, my endoscopy revealed that my esophagus is significantly narrow with findings suggestive of Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which is an inflammatory condition of the ’gus. The doctor basically recanted my previous diagnosis of GERD. He took a biopsy, and I imagine I’ll hear about the results soon.

2014-02-18 15.47.25

All I wanted after the procedure was a milkshake, apparently…?

Also, I was prescribed Protonix in the non-pill form. I have to mix the little beads with apple juice or sauce. Like, the actual medicine box states it can only be mixed with apple juice or sauce. I wonder why … My husband found THE best apple juice. Yum.

2014-02-18 18.27.37

So, hopefully the medication will help heal and “expand” my esophagus. I might need to see an allergist to determine what foods Gus is allergic to.

My RE and nurse are aware of the new condition. Protonix is safe for pregnancy. Score! With regard to the immune system aspect, I am already planning to take—and have taken during my last three transfers—Prednisolone, so, another Score! for that.

I can only hope, pray, wish, believe that my Freedom is—in fact—finally planning its arrival.


12 thoughts on “My Freedom Order Has Shipped

      • Really? I didn’t know it can be that expensive. I know you can’t put a prize on a life, but that’s still a hard pill to swallow when you have to come up with that kind of money.

      • Very true. SG probably has the bat financial plans for IVF and DE. I wish more women knew about SG. Yes it is $30k, but if I don’t get a baby I get my money back. I did a similar plan for traditional IVF and got my money back because no baby, even though I withdrew from the program before my sixth try.

      • Ok…well, that’s ok then. Obviously it would be a lot harder if you had to pay that much and don’t get anything for it in the end. I really hope this is it for you…I’ll be stalking you 😉

  1. Let’s not talk numbers or my brain will explode and my heart will crack open… instead let’s celebrate! Woo hoo for meds on the way and CD 1 on the horizon! I’m excited for you!!!

    • Yes it’s a huge but it’s for six tries (fresh or frozen). This also includes the cost of the stim meds and the donor fee obviously. All I’m paying above and beyond are my meds which are pennies in comparison. And if I don’t get a baby I get my money back. It hurts to front the cash, but then I never have to think about it again. With regard to the service, I have high expectations and zero tolerance for morons. I could sing my clinic’s praises until the end of time. Just good for thought.

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