What is wrong with me today?

I think my anxiety is desperately trying to outshine my Lexapro.

I’m on the verge of a meltdown … but more just in a funk.

I’m irritable and sensitive today. I just feel weird.

Leave me alone. Don’t talk to me.

My husband just poked me in the bum, and I’m laying in bed resting on the heating pad. I’m trying desperately not to mess with my fingers. (I have a disgusting finger-/nail-biting habit that I’m currently trying to break).

Surely I’m not anxious because my home is filthy right now. Maybe I’m the tiniest bit anxious about my dermatology appointment next week..? I like to get annual skin checks because I’m a ginger. I don’t think I’m too scared though, right?

Maybe this all has to do with something BIG happening in three weeks.

Who knows.

I’m just exhausted …

And I really want to bathe Sarabi tomorrow, but I don’t know how I’m going to easily accomplish that.

These are the things weighing me down.

And then there’s that project at work …

I think I just need some me time. I need an outlet for this anxiety. I’ll conquer my world tomorrow, I suppose.

10 thoughts on “Funky

  1. Oh girl, I feel ya. I’m in a similar funk but the upside is, something great is on your horizon, and it’s YOUR turn!!! Thinking of you always, xoxoxo

  2. Sounds like the weekend was definitely due. Hoping you can get done the things that need done, so you can relax and just BE the rest of the weekend. I think we can all use some sunshine at this point too. So much seasonal affective crapola going around lately.

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