Prayers for Mary

Are you ready, Mary?

I hope you don’t have any cysts. Do fertile women get cysts regularly?

Do you think today will be the day, or will it be tomorrow? I hope it’s today.

Mary, did you get your second panel of FDA-required blood tests done?

How many follicles do you have? I hope you have a lot.

Don’t be scared about the shots; they’re not that bad. Do you remember how to mix the Menopur and Gonal-f?

Pardon me, but I hope the doctor is aggressive with your protocol so you can give us a lot of eggs.

You are so pretty and so healthy. I’m so glad we found you.

Don’t forget to go to your monitoring appointments. Don’t forget to set your alarm for your trigger when the time comes.

Do you think my nurse will give me updates along the way? Do you think she’ll tell me if today is day 1 of stims? That’s what my protocol says anyway.

Don’t worry, Mary. I’m getting my body ready for my embryos. I’ve had some tummy aches; I think it’s the Delestrogen working.

Don’t worry about me, Mary. Don’t worry about me at all.

2014-03-12 10.36.08

13 thoughts on “Prayers for Mary

    • Ugh I kind of hate it a little, but Lord knows I need her eggs. Better it’s her this time around than me … I’m just trying to give myself the same grace I give my IVF/DE friends … She’s healthy; she’ll give me healthy eggs, which will turn into healthy embryos and my babies … So excited for YOU! Beta 2 today?

  1. I love those socks!!

    Oh Hun I have been keeping Mary close to my heart for weeks now. I pray this is your miracle baby. I pray everything goes perfect in the end. I want this so badly for you.

  2. Eeekkk! She’s starting stims?!?!?! How surreal! Such a LITERAL out of body experience…it must be absolutely awful to be uninformed and wondering! I REALLY hope the nurses give you some occasional updates! Good luck to you and Mary! So hopeful!!!

    • Nina – I should ask if you’re ready too lol. 😂😂😂 Ready for my craziness. P.S. TUMMY ACHE 24/7.

      On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Belle Haven Drive wrote:


  3. How tough it is to have this happen so far outside of your own body, outside of your own control. It must be especially difficult having done IVF “on your own” beofre ( I’ve never done an IVF without DE, so I never had that to compare. Perhaps made it easier for me than it is for you).
    I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly for Mary, for you, for the embryos, and that babies are on their way to your loving arms.
    In the mean time, I think you should (and will) get updates. I did when I worked with that clinic.

    • Augusta – I was going to ask you if you got updates. Glad to read that. ☺️ It’s nice having it outside of my body, mostly because the thought of using my eggs literally brings on terrible emotions. Really, if I just get the updates I’ll be okay.

      On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, Belle Haven Drive wrote:


  4. I’m sure the questions just swirl around in your brain endlessly right now, but rest assured, I bet she’s following directions like a champ and your doctors are guiding and reminding Mary every step of the way. I’m glad you found Mary and that you think she’s beautiful…but YOU my dear are beyond beautiful! Stunning, even when you’re not smiling. hehe So excited for this to finally be going down!

  5. This just made me well up. Your writing is beautiful. I can feel your anticipation.

    I hope they get boatloads for you to take home! Prayers for Mary!! She’s got this.

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