Oh, Mary

Ding goes my cell phone.

I look down and see a notification that I’ve received a voice mail from an unknown number.

Surely, though, this unknown number is no longer unknown … hasn’t been for the last 17 months.

I prefer to actually talk to my nurse or doctor so I can ask at least one question. When I just listen to what they have to say over voice mail, I feel a bit anxious. I want to talk.

So here’s the scoop: They’re going to keep Mary on BCPs then aspirate her cyst on Monday, 3/24. They’ll check her again next Wednesday, and hopefully she’ll be ready to go. My nurse told me to continue my meds: Delestrogen every three nights, Prednisolone every night, and so on.

I can’t complain.

Until next week …


10 thoughts on “Oh, Mary

  1. Well, the news could be worse. I have no experience, personal or vicarious, with aspiration of cysts, but shit I hope it does the job. Go Mary!
    Hope you are doing ok with this roller coaster. Thinking of you.

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