Two Weeks Later

Today I received the news I was expecting two weeks ago.

When I found out Mary had a cyst, I knew it would cause a pretty significant delay. And, yes, two weeks in the IVF world is a significant delay, people. Sue me.

And, gosh, I really would have appreciated it if my nurse had called me a little later than 4:30 p.m. -_-ARE YOU SERIOUS? I HAVEN’T BEEN WAITING ALL DAY FOR THIS PHONE CALL OR ANYTHING.

One way to reeeeeally test my patience is to make me wait all damn day for an important call.

Okay, the diva has left.

Mary is ready … finally.

She has 14 antral follicles. Eh, I’m just going to bury that part.

Here’s how I feel about it: I’m VERY thankful to be the secondary recipient (but I would really hate to be the tertiary recipient).

But, just as the dinga-ling of an ultrasound tech told me last week: “Oh good, you’ll get something.”

We start stims on Saturday!


9 thoughts on “Two Weeks Later

  1. Yay Mary!!! So glad you’ve got the green light to move forward. Super excited for you!! I have to wonder what the AFC really means. Goose had over 30 AFC and got way less. I’ve seen other women have way less and get a lot more. It’s mind boggling. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she gets lots more!! xoxo

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