Cat Lady

Sarabi and I have some tension in our relationship right now.

Okay, really she’s clueless about it and still knows Mama feeds her, so things are good on her end. I am convinced, though, that she’s pissed we haven’t held up our end of the contract. We’ve yet to name her Maternal/Protective Deputy Manager of Da BooBoo for which she signed up, and—let’s face it—BooBoo should have arrived about five months ago.

I wouldn’t say we have a difficult neighbor, but I think she’s kind of fake and particular about things. We’ve had a few run-ins; I think we’re trying to rebuild our neighborly relationship/friendship. Well … I think she’s trying to; I don’t really care.

I don’t think she likes Sarabi. As I’ve mentioned before, Sarabi and I weigh the same. Well, I’ve gained some weight for winter bulking, so I have her by about—hmm—five pounds …? We’re basically the same size, though. Except Sarabi is all muscle. When I take her to the ladies room by myself, I have to be fully engaged in what’s going on around us. At any moment, someone could walk around the corner and initiate a shit show. A child could run across the street. Another dog could appear. So, while Sarabi relieves herself, I do constant 360-degree turns so I’m one step ahead of any stimuli that might disrupt her—God forbid.

I typically take her back inside, grab a waste bag, and pick up her waste. So, her shit sits in the grass for about 30 seconds—tops. Well, someone told on me about a week ago. He/she called the front office and accused me of not picking up my pet’s waste. I think it was cat lady (our neighbor—no offense to those of you whose furry children include cats).

Regardless of who it was, this individual creepily stalked me while I was taking Sarabi to the restroom. Doesn’t she look so cute in her squat? I explained my technique of taking Sarabi to the ladies’ room to our community leader? … or whatever her title is. I’m not changing a damn thing about how I do what I do with Sarabi’s doo-doo. No, I can’t afford to kneel down, lower my eyes, and occupy one of my hands with her shit in a bag. I can’t. She’s too quick, strong, overbearing if she sees something—anything. I’ve GOT to see it before she does. Let me explain why …

On Wednesday afternoon, I took Sarabi outside to use the restroom. Back inside, she indicated she needed to go out again—even though there was nothing left for her to relieve. Well, I obliged. Maybe she had a bit more … We stepped outside, and I saw cat lady walking to her front door about 20 meters away. (Sorry, I have to use meters because I’m most familiar with them due to running.) I told Sarabi to sit, which she did. Now, what happens next is kind of a blur.

Basically, Sarabi saw cat lady and just went for it. I was on the ground—face first—within seconds. As I mentioned in this post, people like to watch for some reason. Instead of getting inside her home quickly, cat lady stood there as this 110-pound beast was heading in her direction. I’m, like, on my face in the snow, grass, dirt, and cat lady asks if Sarabi is going to attack her. It was a rhetorical question. I regrouped, and cat lady was inside before I could even give a shit to answer the question. See, once Sarabi realizes that Mama no longer has any control of her movement (i.e. there’s no more leash tension), she just stops. It’s over. No, cat lady, she’s not going to attack you, but I understand why you’d think so.

I don’t blame cat lady or anyone else for that matter. Sarabi is a handful; my husband and I are really the only ones who understand her.

Of course I cussed Sarabi out after this as she gave me a blank stare. Mature of me, I know. I love that girl to death, but—cheese and rice—she can be a pain in the ass! She’s lucky I wasn’t pregnant … Oh buddy, that would have been bad for her. Now, sit up straight in your crate with your paws crossed until Daddy gets home.

But then there’s this face …

2014-03-10 20.05.20

This photo is displayed as my background on my work computer. My cute, little, old-lady coworker visited my office a few days ago (on Wednesday coincidentally). She told me Sarabi looked sweet in the photo, explained that she’s terrified of dogs, and asked if Sarabi is a good girl.


***Update: Okay, so I don’t have any new information but just feel like writing a little something about my cycle. 🙂 We start stims tomorrow, and our first monitoring appointment is on Tuesday! I will have another lining check before starting PIO, though my doctor assured me that the two extra weeks on Delestrogen is totally okay for my lining. He basically lets me run the show—well, kind of—which is great! Doctor, I want to get tested for recurrent loss causes. Okay! Doctor, I want to have my progesterone checked during the 2WW. Okay! Doctor, will my lining grow too thick for transfer? Nope, but do you want to come in for another lining check? Okay!

6 thoughts on “Cat Lady

  1. I totally understand this. I’ve got fifty pounds on Sterling, but it’s the same deal. I HATE taking him anywhere on a leash. He freaks out over LEAVES falling… ridiculous dog. Last year, a little fluffy dog wandered into the yard, I saw it and was headed in, but I didn’t make it in time. Sterling lunged and all I could do was hold on. I plunged head first into a bush (which I broke) slid down a hill of mulch, and crashed into a tree. The good news was that other than the bush, everyone survived… including fluffy. The bad news was I was so scratched and banged up, I didn’t really care if Sterling survived. : )

    • LoL, Amanda! These creatures! I’m legit sore in my upper body because if our little incident. My pinky has a booboo, and I have a bruise on my knee. Ridiculous! Sarabi loves Fluffy too! “Ooh Mama, look at my new toy!”

      On Friday, March 28, 2014, Belle Haven Drive wrote:


  2. Ha, ha. I can totally relate. Mine is 55 lbs and has knocked me on my ass (well actually my face) twice now. Straight chin to concrete…both times over another dog. Grrr. Good luck with your stims!

  3. Sarabi looks like quite the handful for size, but such a cutie. Is she a mastif? My roomie had one if that’s what she is, and what a total sweetheart!

    So happy to hear all is lined up for the cycle to begin and that your doc is on the same page as you. Everything sounds so great and on track right now!

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