Monday Morning Soap Box

2014-03-31 09.58.50

2014-03-31 09.59.39

2014-03-31 09.59.17

Well, darn. I guess you all just aren’t qualified.

Sometimes I’m an a$$hole.

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Soap Box

  1. So strange they’d deny people based on family history alone or heritage. Seems like pre-conception genetic testing certainly would make sense to carefully match egg donors with proper sperm (to avoid things like cystic fibrosis, etc.) but to just deny people based on family history or heritage alone….hmmm. I mean, I kind of get the family history (mine is the absolute pits with cancers) but heritage?

    • Emily – Donors do disclose their family heritage. I have … ahem … “reviewed” profiles of women with German blood, for example. 😉 My guess is she’s German as in not a U.S. citizen…? Or maybe there was a miscommunication somewhere…. Yea, I totally get the family health history thing. These girls get paid the big bucks for good reason. Only 1% of applicants get chosen. As a recipient, that just adds a little bit of assurance and goodness to my shit sandwich lol. Now genetic testing? I feel that is totally necessary and warranted. I know my husband has gotten genetic testing, so maybe we are good in our specific situation? But, yea, agree with you there.

      On Monday, March 31, 2014, Belle Haven Drive wrote:


  2. Totally random factoid: I hold a certificate in tissue banking which includes eggs and sperm. So I actually had to learn a lot of the regulations. If you lived in Europe during the ’80s, you get denied due to fears of carrying Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (mad cow).

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