I’ve Got My Eggs

Our fifth stim cycle went very well. I received an update for every visit Mary made to the RE’s office. I was not expecting that. I’d prepared myself for poorer communication; not that that would have been warranted. But still … Basically I’m quite impressed.

Every update I spoke to a cheery nurse who said everything was going really well. Now that’s what Mama likes to hear.

We triggered on Wednesday night with a Lupron-HCG dual trigger. I even heard the great news yesterday that the medicine was absorbed properly. Good. 🙂

My baby daddy and I drove to Rockville this morning to drop off our boys. It was stress-free, different, kind of sad in a way … but also really, really good in a way. I’m still dealing with it; I think that’s okay though. There’s so much more joy to be had on this side.

Our assumption was that the retrieval would be fairly early since the boys’ appointment was at 8:30 a.m. We wouldn’t want them sitting around forever then dying, now would we? Does that even happen?

And – lucky me – I received the egg count update just moments ago from none other than moronic ultrasound tech! She behaved; cut to the chase; bluh bluh bluh.

We have six mature eggs. 

I really could not have asked for more considering the stim cycle updates, which were fabulous, but – let’s be honest – the quantity was split up between three people.

We did well. Thank you, Mary.

Until tomorrow’s fertilization report … Breathe …

2014-04-11 08.39.49


16 thoughts on “I’ve Got My Eggs

  1. Super-duper excited!!! They must of been concerned that she’d get OHSS to give her that trigger. I can’t wait until tomorrow! Then Wednesday, then your beta, then your….

  2. I teared up a bit, reading this. I’m just so aware of how amazing things can get from here on. And I so, so, SO wish that for you.
    Hoping for many high quality blastocysts.
    Are you doing a fresh transfer this week?

  3. Oh, this just made my day and my eyes fill up with water (your posts do that sometimes– but in a good way!).

    Can’t wait to hear the the next updates!!! Yay Mary!

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