I hope.

Mary, I hope you are well.

I hope all your dreams are coming true. Because you’ve made mine come true.

I hope the people in your life are loving you like they should.

I hope you’re having a really good day and enjoying the weather.

Whatever your heart desires—I hope you are getting it.

You are so beautiful, Mary, and built some strong embryos with my favorite person in this world—my husband.

Now don’t get too cocky. You made some beautiful embryos; but I will build my beautiful baby/ies.

How does it feel to be so damn fertile, Mary? I thank my lucky stars and my Jesus that you are!

Thank you for giving me a sixth second chance.

$7,000 doesn’t even cut it—you deserve much more.

I have your photos, Mary. I close my eyes and see you … and I’m so thankful.

You are a good person. If ever you’re feeling down or not quite good enough, please know you have changed my life.

Please know you deserve it all—happiness, love, success.

Thank you for giving me my family.


10 thoughts on “I hope.

  1. Beautiful words. I hope there are egg donors reading this, because this is the depth of gratitude one feels with such an unquantifiable gift.
    I also felt (and wrote in our card for Sophie, our donor) that sense that if she was ever having a bad day, or feeling unworthy in any way, she should know that there are two people who will forever think of her as immensely beautiful and generous. I hope Mary knows it. I hope Sophie knows it. I hope all donors (and even women who would like to donate but can’t) feel our gratitude.

  2. Just started following you a few months ago. So happy for your news! We have much in common I think and perhaps we passed each other once along your trusty running path. Hoping my next cycle follows in your footsteps.

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