The Rump

The babes are doing well. I’m a little weary of Baby A’s growth, but his* heart rate was solid and Dr. Levens answered every one of my, “So are you worried about anything?” questions with a no … e’ery. single. time. God bless him.

Baby B—well he’s great. 🙂 I’m not worried about him at all. So thank Jesus for that, right?

Sometimes, I just gotta let my heart rest on the answers delivered by the professionals … one professional—in particular—whom I trust trust.

Okay, and I did not realize that the bottom/tail/lower part of the babies’ is actually called the rump. Dr. Levens used that word today, and I thought he was just being cute or something—which totally threw me off. How adorable is that, though? Or is it just me?

And—goodness—lemme just tell ya that when one day gives you relief on the nausea front, the next day makes up for it!

I feel like crap, but I’m loving every second of it. My face and demeanor may not display this deep passion I have for it, but I’m thrilled. And I’m not just saying that because I have to … It’s comforting even though it’s uncomfortable. How’s that for an oxymoron?

I have a My Pregnancy page now if you are interested in my weekly updates. I want to be honest with you and tell you that I do feel obnoxious and awkward “talking” to you—my sisters—as I’m currently on the “other side”. I just don’t want you to hurt. I just don’t want you to give up. You can hate me for this; I understand. But please know that—from way deep down inside—I don’t want to hurt you. Please accept this as a disclosure if I come off weird or awkward or just not right.

It’s not that I never thought I’d be here … it’s just that I never thought I’d be here.

*Writing his/her every time I refer to my babies just seems to mess up the flow, and I certainly do not want to call my babies “it”. No, I do not have a gut feeling … yet.

10 thoughts on “The Rump

  1. Glad to hear all is going well. Seems there is something to worry about ever step of the way in babyland. Hopefully the nausea doesn’t become too consuming if it does your doctor may be able to help.

    Also I love when they talk about the baby’s crown and rump. Our babies are royalty I’m sure.

  2. Yay for strong symptoms!!! But I hope they give you a little relief soon. Thanks for update. You’ve been on my mind.

  3. Yay! So exciting!! 🙂 I saw that you posted that you have MTHFR. Does your Dr have you lovenox or heparin? I have the same mutation as you. I had to be on lovenox and then heparin my entire pregnancy. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  4. I love this post! Mostly because you are loving every minute of being sick, when other pregnant women would be complaining. I imagine I would feel the same way as you and hope I would. I am so happy for you and you are so so classy being sensitive to others situation. Enjoy every minute of this- you deserve it 🙂

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