My Glow

I rescheduled my maternity photo shoot with my photographer for tomorrow, October 8, at 11 a.m. We finalized our plans about 15 minutes before Dr. Armstrong visited us to unveil the plan.

Considering my second magnesium sulfate treatment will begin at midnight, followed by the birth of my babies around noon tomorrow, I will not have my maternity photo shoot. I am disappointed, but I just can’t go there right now emotionally … Life isn’t fair; we know this. 

Instead, I got a little dolled up, received wheel chair privileges, and documented this last full day with my beauties in my belly. I’m proud of my battle to bump story, and I’m proud of these photos. Some outside time with my husband and mother, enjoying the fall weather, celebrating my beautiful bump – I am content.

I feel a very odd combination of joy and grief right now. My mentality and perspective have changed during these eight days.

But there is love … so much love.































19 thoughts on “My Glow

  1. Gorgeous! Those pictures are precious. You will treasure those always. I think those pictures turned out beautifully. What pretty back drops. 🙂 Best wishes for tomorrow. I hope the birth goes beautifully.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful!
    I am thinking of you and your girls and sending love and prayers for tomorrow. It sounds like you are in the best of hands and have a whole team fighting for you.
    Strong and petite is magnificent

  3. Gorgeous mama!! What beautiful photos and lovely hospital grounds to backdrop such a special day.

    Tons of prayers and well wishes coming from California. You are so strong and your girls are too!!

  4. Oh Allison, I don’t think you have ever looked so beautiful! That bump is GORGEOUS and the battle for the bump makes it that much sweeter. Three hours to go… sending love and courage and strength to you today. I’m so proud of you, sweet friend! Today is your day… it’s not how you imagined it, but it’s everything you have fought for. Those baby girls are going to be BEAUTY, and STRENGTH, and COURAGE all packed into small packages, just like their mama! Lots of love to you on this very special day!

  5. These are beautiful photos. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I too am pregnant with twin baby girls. I hope to hear good news from you soon enough how well those girls are doing.

  6. You are so beautiful, what amazing photos (even though I know that they were not how you had planned). Thinking of you and your girls often today and sending prayers and love.

  7. Don’t be disappointed. Your pics turned out fabulously! Save that $ for the babes, because what you got is fantastic anyways! I didn’t get maternity photos, nor did I get any right before…other than some blurry crap hubby snapped while I was keeling over a barstool in my kitchen at 3 AM. lol Yours are awesome! Will be thinking of you tomorrow for sure!

  8. Oh I hope and prey everything went well today! You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers! What gorgeous grounds to take pictures!!! Looks like your “modified” shoot went great! What special pictures!

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