The Eve

I love you, and I will love you.

I’m sorry you can’t stay warm in my belly. But you know what, my sweet babies? Mommy isn’t the safest place for you anymore. That is what the doctors say, and I trust them. And they fought to keep you here inside for as long as they could.

You have blessed me, and it has only just begun. I love you so much. I can’t even imagine what I will feel tomorrow. The love, but the grief.

The time has come my darling princesses. Please be strong. I’m so happy you have each other. Daddy will be right there with you. I will carry you in my aching heart during recovery, when I lay eyes on you, and during every moment in between.

You are loved. You are wanted. You are miracles. You are everything. You are mine, and I am so honored to be your mother.

You have given me the most joyful six months. And I can only imagine how much more joy you will bring me starting tomorrow.

Mommy loves you. I’ll be here every step of the way. You’re my girls. My beautiful baby girls.

*Please pray for Rowan Mac and Emmanuelle Mac. Please pray for their health and strength. I will endure (happily) another round of magnesium sulfate; please pray for no bleeding in their brains.

20 thoughts on “The Eve

  1. The girls will be fine. The magic of these brilliant specialists who care for the tiny ones leaves me in awe. You did great to carry them this far…all of us will be praying for a safe and happy day for you tomorrow and for all your tomorrow’s to come…girl power!

  2. Praying for you, Emmanuelle, and Rowan. For the doctors, the nurses, the whole team (I hear it’s always BIG). I can’t imagine how scared you must be, the day before surgery, the day before your daughters are born. I really think those girls well be small, but strong, just like their mom. Sending love and big hugs your way, pretty mama!

  3. I know you must be going through so many emotions right now-and they change every minute. The girls have gotten stronger while you’ve been in the hospital getting the rest and treatment you/they need. Praying for you, Chris and the girls. Glad your mom is there to be with you through this. Looking forward to meeting your beautiful babies!

  4. My dear friend,
    I can’t imagine how you are feeling…what I can say is this: it is the most awesome thing to experience, what I call, your whole heart living outside of you…
    God’s got this. You’ve got this. Chris has this.
    The entire Norton clan will be on bended knee lifting you up…we love you & cannot wait to meet our newest best friends!

  5. Praying for all of you and the girls. They will be okay. The extra week that you managed to keep them in you makes all the difference in the world – good job!
    Trust your doctors, trust your girls and trust God.

  6. Lifting up Rowan and Emmanuelle…that they would come into this world strong and ready to take their first breaths of life with gusto. Praying for you too, Allison. Take care of you post delivery, so that they have an equally healthy mother to be strong on their behalf. You are all in good hands!

  7. Thank you for always sharing so beautifully, Allison. I can’t imagine the mixed feelings that are on your heart. Thinking of your family and cheering for your girls and your recovery.

    Many blessings.

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