The Nursery

I spend a lot more time in the nursery than I thought I would. Originally, we intended for Rowan and Emmanuelle to sleep in their nursery at night. What was I thinking? During our NICU stay, the thought of Rowie sleeping in her room alone was nauseating.
For Christmas, my husband bought me one bad ass bassinet: the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. We were all set for nighttime, but I wondered if Rowan’s nursery would even be useful. During the day, we’d likely spend time in the living room. And at night, our master bedroom.
Well … I LOVE spending time in her nursery, and we use it quite a bit! Daddy or I spend hours rocking her. Sometimes it’s better for her to rest in her crib versus bassinet as Sarabi also resides in our master bedroom while Nana is visiting. Of course, her clothes and necessities are in there. It’s my favorite room in our home, and it’s fit for a princess.
Would you all like to take a peek?
My husband and I painted the room at 18 weeks gestation; he put the dresser together at 25 weeks; and he/we hung the valance and pressed on the “Rowan” decal at 39 weeks – two days before Rowie’s homecoming. Everything else? My parents. They essentially completed the nursery for us back in October after Rowan and Emmanuelle’s birth. What a blessing.
The day I was discharged from the hospital in October, my husband rushed home to meet some dear friends of ours. They had shown up to help my husband do the dirty work. They packed up my angel’s crib, carrying that burden for me. It was a blessing. I love them. They’re there; they show up. True friends.
My mom sorted through the girls’ clothes and carried the burden of every “second set” for me. I understand they were donated to an event in Colorado Springs, and were given to a military family’s baby girl.
My dear mother-in-law asked where we would have fit Emmanuelle’s name on the wall were we to display both their names. Oh, we would have made it fit, and “Emmanuelle” would have looked stunning on that wall.
You see, the nursery isn’t how it should be. It is missing a key component – a baby girl I hold in my heart. But – she’s there. Her spirit and body also reside in the Princess Room.
A panorama of Rowan’s nursery.
Here is her changing table/bookshelf. There’s a photo of her daddy – whom she looks identical to – in the middle of the top shelf. The angel on the wall was a decoration in my childhood room. I think we can officially name her Emmanuelle.
The white wicker rocking chair was in my childhood bedroom as well.
Several items on her dresser were in my childhood bedroom: the tea set, princess, photo of me as a young girl. There is also a baby picture of her daddy on the dresser. Emmanuelle is in the top row, third drawer from the left.
Here are my American Girl Dolls, Felicity and Addy. Rowan also has most of the American Girl book series available to her when she’s ready to enjoy them. The white trunk held my dress-up play clothes in my childhood bedroom. My mother made those dresses that are on display. There are many, many more dresses that Grandma made for me that now belong to Rowie.
And here is the rocking chair, given to us by my brother and sister-in-law. We will build wonderful memories in that rocker with our little princess. The pictures on the wall were in my childhood bedroom.
Rowan has been home for ten days now and is doing very well. Nana is taking great care of her while my husband and I work. We are grateful to Nana and Grandma for pausing their lives and visiting us to watch our little girl while she can’t go to daycare this winter season.
My new life has begun, I suppose … I will write more about that later.

8 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. Beautiful space! I love the items from your childhood and the sweet ways that you remember Emmanuelle. What loved little girls!

  2. What a beautiful room, can understand why you would want to spend so much of your time in there. Rowan’s name decal is gorgeous!
    Thanks for showing us:)

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