More Sharing is Caring!

I’m sending this information out into the blogosphere for those who live in the Washington D.C. metro area. And even if you don’t live in that area, this fertility clinic is worth it!

My fertility doctor is hosting this event. Dr. Levens is an amazing doctor!


People often wonder how we were able to afford six cycles of IVF, *especially at our age. The truth is: We took out a loan. We’re paying off loans for education; you better believe I’ll take out a loan to have my family.

And my girls are worth every monthly payment until the end of time …

But – Shady Grove probably has some of the best financial plans around, and still maintain their expertise, care, success rates, etc. There’s no catch. Below are the financial plans my husband and I used.

Six Cycles of IVF (fresh or frozen): $20,000 (not including medications) – If you do not achieve pregnancy after six cycles, you get your money back. If you withdraw from the program prior to six cycles, you get your money back. My husband and I took out a loan, did five cycles (four fresh, one frozen), withdrew from the program, and got all our money back.

Six Cycles of Donor Egg IVF (one donor shared among three intended mothers): $35,000 (not including intended mother’s medications) – If you do not achieve pregnancy after six cycles, you get your money back. If you withdraw from the program prior to six cycles, you get your money back. Each intended mother is guaranteed at least four eggs, and if she doesn’t receive those eggs and must proceed with a new cycle, this “cancelled” cycle does not count against her six cycles. And if a cycle is cancelled, that intended mother has first dibs on the next round. My husband and I paid about $5,000 upfront for this program and took out a loan for the rest.

*My husband and I are pretty young. Most of our peers are just now getting married; few are starting families; and I don’t even know how many are struggling with infertility and paying for IVF. Some readers have made comments suggesting that I’m so privileged and lucky and rich to afford six cycles of IVF. I mean, yea – if that’s what you want to call it. Six cycles of IVF = privileged. While I am so content and joyful regarding the financial decisions my husband and I have made to create our family, I understand other couples choose a different path. I wish finances weren’t a part of infertility. It’s so unfair. I’ve shared what we did; it seems kind of do-able.

I love this fertility clinic so much! People need to know about it!


17 thoughts on “More Sharing is Caring!

  1. Whoa! That seems kind of crazy, I mean crazy awesome! But what’s to prevent people from basically getting IVF for free? I mean if everyone signs up, but decides not to complete all 6 cycles, how do they make any money? It does seem like an awesome clinic. I know you felt very supported there by both your doctor and nurse. Thanks for sharing!

    • There are other financial programs, like paying for single cycles or a flat rate for two cycles, etc. There are all kinds of scenarios. These are the ones we chose (named Shared Risk). That’s a really good question, and I’m not exactly sure to be honest with you. It seems too good to be true, but there’s no catch. I mean, that’s just how it works. It really takes the financial burden down a notch. Granted, the other side of the story is that my hubby and I paid $35k for one donor cycle because we did Shared Risk for that. A single donor cycle with two other intended mothers is a lot cheaper. So, the “down side” is you may pay a lot more if you get pregnant on the first cycle, but – hey – you’re pregnant at that point!!! Xoxo….

    • This crossed my mind, but I’m in an emotional state of defense, so it’s like “Bite me.” LoL. But, I can’t deny your point. I appreciate your constant support my love.

  2. I’m a lurker…and fellow momma from Shady Grove! This practice is so wonderful and we’ve been so supported through an ectopic (IUI), a birth (IVF) and a miscarriage (FET) now…with hopefully another FET soon!

    To answer the question above, we have some insurance coverage and so have paid separately for each of our treatments: I can’t even remember what for the IUI, somewhere around four or five thousand for IVF (plus meds, mostly covered), and 2500 for the FET (plus meds, also mostly covered). And approximately 1000 in storage fees each year for frozen embies. Shared Risk is definitely a great deal if you have a diagnosis that may give you a lower success rate and take more tries, but if you get pregnant on the first round, you’re “out” the 20,000. Totally worth it in my book, but technically, yeah, you are “paying more” for that one successful round.

    • Best wishes for your upcoming FET! I’m so sorry for your loss.

      I totally agree: With Shared Risk, if you nail it on the first try, you’re out some money I guess, but a take home baby?! Nothing beats that!

  3. We were able to pay for our many ivf cycles. However, i am always shocked how many people say “oh we could never afford ivf”. Seriously, everyone i know owns a car. Some have very nice very expensive cars. Why is it they are willing to pay $30k for a car but not for a baby? R may have cost us a fortune, but i would take her over a car every single day. And if we couldnt afford it you had hetter believe we would have financed it.

    • Tooooootally agree with you. I think because conception should be free, people see spending that money as a loss, whereas it’s “normal” to finance a car or something like education. I just feel judged by some people who are so astonished by my age and number of cycles. I drive a cheap car, don’t own my home, and my new clothes are hand me downs from my mom. Give and take. Just like your R, my Rowan is worth it …. Sooo worth it.

  4. A loan to grow your family is money well spent!

    And those prices are amazing. Finding a clinic you love that is fair is so key. You go, mama!

  5. Awesome programs- wish they had those on this coast! Also– how you pay your way through this hell is no one’s business. Xo

  6. This is such good info to have! Thank you for sharing! I feel like that makes everything much more doable. Is this just for the Washington DC area or is this all across the US? Clearly, I am not about to to IVF, but it may be good for some of my friends in the future.

    I have been thinking about you a lot lately and how that other woman said all those horrible things to you. Yes, you get very angry (which is understandable) and sometimes the language is a bit much (but that’s just my preference/opinion); however, I have come to the conclusion that that woman can never ever understand where you are coming from. There is no possible way! Especially, since… didn’t she get pregnant through an IUI? She will never understand. What you have gone through is a whole different ball game than a bunch of IUI’s.

    I fully can’t even understand what you have gone through losing a baby and everything, but I feel like I got a little better glimpse of some of your feelings worrying about my own baby recently (see my most recent blog post). Having that fear and worry over my baby changed me. I understand more from a different perspective that I didn’t have a month or two ago. So with that said, do not waste your energy on those who will never understand and won’t even try to be compassionate towards what you are feeling and going through. Please don’t waste your time trying to justify how you paid for your medical bills, although I think its great to point out there are some programs that have helped and can help others. You have too much going on in your life to waste a second on people full of such nonsense 🙂

    Enjoy snuggling that beautiful baby of yours! She is lucky to have you and vice versa. You worked so hard for your precious baby girls and went through things no one ever should have to and you deserve a lot of credit for that because a lot of people couldn’t and wouldn’t do what you did.
    Love you girl!

    • Jennifer – I am so glad baby boy’s Cistern magna is measuring well now! I’m so sorry you had to experience that worry during your pregnancy. Praying everything goes very smoothly from this point on ..

      People from anywhere can travel here to go to Shady Grove. The financial plans are available to anyone local or not local.

      On Monday, February 2, 2015, Belle Haven Drive wrote:


  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I literally just posted on my blog that we are not going to move forward with IVF due to where we’re at in our journey, but you’ve got me thinking again. When the main goal of all this is to be a mother and welcome a little one into this world, it’s hard to say no to something like IVF and mean it. I love that with this program you have so many shots with IVF (heh, no pun intended). This is definitely something I will be discussing with my hubby, thank you again for posting!

  8. I couldn’t find your email to request a password to continue following your blog. I have only been following you since September and understand if you don’t want to give me access. If you decide, please email me at
    Thank you,

  9. hi there! I have been following you for several months… I don’t have any idea how to get the updates when you post something new, so I check your blog every day 🙂 I see that you have a couple new posts, but they are password-protected… I love to read anything you’re up for sharing, but I don’t have a password… If that is intentional so that only a couple people read it, I totally understand… But if you did want to share, you have my unwavering support, always. I read everything and it’s so funny – I was actually telling my mom about you the other day, and she asked who I was talking about because she thought it was a close friend 🙂 just thinking of you… If you don’t post anything more that is public, I totally get that… But will always check just in case 🙂 wishing you all the best!

    PS your Ode to Rowan is stunning, beautiful, and perfect

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